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Cookie Baking Tips - Chewy Vs Crunchy

Cookies are a fun treat that can be made for any occasion of even just for fun. There are literally millions of recipes for cookies and different designs too. When giving away cookies as gifts, you should consider the following three factors: One: The theme of the party or the occasion Two: The flavor of the cookies Three: The texture of the cookies: chewy or crunchy or in between. Professional bakers are skilled at creating cookies in various textures, including chewy, semi-chewy and crunchy. However, most folks that try to bake their own cookies at home don't know how to do this. What should be done to make a cookie crunchy, chewy or in between? Well, difficult as it may sound, the secret is in the sugar. Here are some simple cookie baking tips: Cookies are laden with butter, shortenings and sugar. The first thing to do is to look at the recipe and see the measurements of the sugar and then note what kind of sugar is used. There should be two kinds: brown sugar and white sugar. It is in the type of sugar...


Recipes For Heart Shaped Desserts and Treats

Food decorating, especially for sweets, can make them look very delicious and appetizing. Whether it is the shape of the food, the sprinkles on top, or even just the packaging, a good-looking dessert makes your sweet tooth ask for more. For years, chefs and pastry chefs have developed so many ways on how to make food look good and taste better as well. They use the best ingredients themselves, use different colorings and topping, and place them in special packaging all to achieve that one goal - to make food look as sumptuous as it can be. Food served at restaurants and sometimes even at fast food places follows this principle. You can get your food served with garnishing on the sides or plated in a very special way. However, you can do the same kind of preparation and decoration at home with a few simple tricks. For your desserts, why not pour your heart into it and let it show, literally? You can make desserts and sweets cut out into heart shapes for that extra special look. Both the kids and adults can e...


Using Wedding Cookie Cutters To Give Your Wedding Favors That Personal Touch

Giving wedding favors that you make yourself has become one of the hottest new wedding trends. While some couples choose to make their own wedding favors in order to help save money in their wedding budget, others simply want their wedding to be more of a personalized event and nothing is more personal than giving those who attend a small homemade favor as a thank you for their attendance. Choosing to make wedding cookies is a great way of capitalizing on the new trend of giving homemade wedding favors while staying with the more traditional wedding favor theme of giving your guests a sweet treat to take home.There Is A Wide Variety Of Wedding Cookie Cutters To Choose FromNo longer do brides and grooms who want to make their own cookies as favors have to settle for using those valentine heart cookie cutters in order to keep with a wedding or romantic theme. Today there are dozens of cookie cutters especially made with the big day in mind, allowing you to make cookies in the shape of brides, wine glasses, wedd...


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